The Knowledge Attitude and Practices of shepherds regarding Crimean Congo Hemogenic Fever, Balochistan, Pakistan

  • Aamir Hasni VTT Global
  • Sheh Mureed Health Services Academy
  • Amna Baig
  • Dawood Marri
Keywords: Balochistan Pakistan, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Knowledge, Practices, shepherds.


Background :Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is an infectious disease and a growing public health issue in Pakistan. Thus, more research on awareness assessment vital for developing a planned inquiry form to initiate an activity of interrogating.Methodology: The current survey was initiated in Balochistan where disease is endemic. A cross sectional survey was plotted through April 2016 to June 2016, in district Loralai, Balochistan and a total of 420 subjects were part of this survey. The questioning was led in Makhtar; the beneficiary group was comprised of shepherds. Information was gathered through a structured data collecting tool regarding Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever.Results :The implication of Statistical analysis of the accumulated information unveiled that (279) 66% of shepherds had low level of knowledge while only (141) 38.6% had good preventive practices. A notable amount (261) 62% had negative attitude. Status of education (P= 0.018), monthly income (P= 0.173) and age (P= 0.000) of the respondents had significant association with their practices about prevention of CCHF. Most shepherds had varying levels of knowledge about ticks and tick-borne diseases, while 46.2% knew any preventive practice regarding CCHF. There was a strongly associated relationship between knowledge and practices of shepherds related to CCHF prevention measures (P<0.000).Conclusion :Raising community awareness regarding CCHF and route of its dispatch is suggested through various broadcasting and radio medium; despite that the role of health workers in the health system of Pakistan is important, they can be utilized in training of rural population. Activities to raise awareness among shepherds are important to be integrated.


Author Biographies

Aamir Hasni, VTT Global

Dr. Aamir Hasni, I have completed my Masters in Public Health Sciences from HealthServices Academy, Islamabad Pakistan.  

Sheh Mureed, Health Services Academy

Dr. Sheh is currently an assistant Professor at Health Services Academy, Islamabad, Pakistan 

Amna Baig

Aman Baig was a colleague and student at Health Services Academy Islamabad, Pakistan

Dawood Marri

Dr. Dawood Mari is a veterinary officer at Department of Dairy Development Balochistan, Pakistan 

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