Empowering health workers for sustainable health development

  • Edmond Fernandes CEO, Center for Health and Development (CHD Group), India.
  • Priyanka Pandit Member, Center for Health and Development (CHD Group), India


Public health is a subject of great importance to sustain the global dialogues. Attempts to achieve health equity have not translated into reality for variety of factors which built the hindrance throughout. Health equity is the driver of human progress which requires an understanding from an institutional viewpoint. Today we have institutes providing degrees for collecting information, but do we create health workers able enough to address the challenges of the 21st century and to be able to think through for sustainable development goals.Health workers must be trained to develop competencies beyond just preventive and curative health care. They need to understand the complexities of a free world with regard to social factors which often are great determinants of diseases. In doing so, we can set the ball rolling to create sustainable consciousness, which in turn will lead to sustainable development.

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