Medical Waste Disposal Practices in Hospital based Different Clinical Laboratories of Pokhara Valley

  • Suresh Jaiswal Pokhara University
  • Bishnu Raj Tiwari
  • Khem Raj Joshi
  • Manoj Pandit
  • Suman Giri


Background: Bio Medical Waste means any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals. And the method of handling, treatment and disposal of such waste is a burning issue and this has led a worse situation in developing countries where there is lack of policy for such management.

 Objectives. To investigate medical laboratory waste generation and current management practices of such hospital based laboratories facilities in Pokhara, Nepal.

Methods. Only medical laboratory departments and sections for medical waste disposal practices facilities were studied for the laboratories based waste generation. A questionnaire was prepared and voluntarily asked the person responsible for the disposal and method of disposal for each unit was noted. All the data collected for different units and the methods of disposal were analyzed by SPSS version 16.0.0

Results. All the laboratories, 60.0% indicated the treatment of used cotton and bandages by municipality. 75% indicated that syringes were incinerated, cut and municipality or place in puncture proof containers. 75% treated blood samples with chemicals like hypochlorite for disposal. While 35% and 35% used Autoclave and incinerator and hypochlorite chemicals used respectively for blood container glass. 80% used hypochlorite and chemicals for disposal. 55% used hypochlorite and chemicals for disposal and 60% used Municipality as a method of disposal for sputum container plastic. Again 55% used municipality as a method of disposal of used testing kits. Furthermore, there was a low level of awareness about safe healthcare waste management.

Conclusions. This study findings indicate that the proportion of hazardous healthcare waste generated from the studied healthcare facilities was above the threshold set by the WHO. This reveals that there is a lack of proper medical laboratories waste management systems in all hospital based laboratories in Pokhara, Nepal. Awareness about proper medical laboratories waste disposal should be undertaken the laboratories staff for proper disposal system.

Competing Interests. The authors declare no competing financial interests.

Keywords. Medical laboratories waste management; waste; infectious waste; healthcare waste; Disposal policy.

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