Patient satisfaction of eye care services at Biratnagar Eye Hospital, Nepal

  • Rajiv Ranjan Karn Eastern Regional Eye Care Program
  • Dr. Sanja Kumar Singh


Introduction: Patient satisfaction is an important and commonly used indicator for measuring the quality in health care. Patient satisfaction surveys are one of the established yardsticks. Patients are coming from near as well as from very far to avail affordable and quality services at Biratnagar Eye Hospital.

Objective: To measure the patient satisfaction visiting to the Biratnagar Eye Hospital.

Methodology: The descriptive cross sectional study was done at Biratnagar Eye Hospital, Biratnagar Nepal. Systematic random sampling methods were used for data collection from nine departments, the sample size was 348, whereas 12 participants were rejected as they left interview and did not agree to participate in the study. Face to face interview was taken from the patients and verbal consent was taken before the interview. Analysis was done by using SPSS 17.   

Results: Total 336 respondents were interviewed among them 54% were male, the mean age was 46 years the major occupation was farming 50% and 32% were unable to read and write. Overall satisfaction regarding behavior of staffs among patients was 96%. About 89% of the respondents said that nurses instructed correctly on the drug use whereas 7% said nurses did not explain clearly. Fourteen percent were unsatisfied with the registration process, 5% were unsatisfied by availability and behavior of nursing staffs during need. Ninety-nine percent were satisfied that doctors listen to them and 95 percent had confidence on doctor’s advice. Eighty-two percent were satisfied with drinking water, 98% were satisfied with basic sanitation condition in hospital, 10% were unsatisfied with toilet facilities; and 97% were satisfied with availability of chair in waiting area. Ninety-seven percent said that they will recommend other about the Biratnagar Eye Hospital.

Conclusions: Overall satisfaction level regarding behavior of staffs was good but there is a need to improve counseling for drug use, toilet services need to be improved and should be cleaned properly, drinking water facilities should be improved.

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Dr. Sanja Kumar Singh

Help in conceptual frame work and manuscript correction

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